sealing machinep-recautions in the use of medical sealers


1. Do not apply to metal containers and metal caps, let alone on the metal table press the start button, otherwise it will damage the machine. 
2. Use single-phase three-wire power cord. In order to make the operator safe, single-phase three-wire power outlet must be used. The ground must be dry in order to keep insulation. 
3. The induction aviation plug must be inserted and the screws locked before the power supply can be turned on. 
4. Equipped with the function of automatic protection for temperature overheating, when the temperature inside the machine is overheated, the buzzer inside the machine will sing "abnormal protection" (pro) for a long time. MD.) " Yellow indicator light, at this time should turn off the main switch power supply, standby cooling buzzer stop, and then continue to work.   . 
5. The sealer should often touch the surface of the sensor head in the working process to check whether it is overheated. If it is found that the hot hand should stop heating and work again after cooling (cooling can leave the power off), when the green indicator "arm up" is not on, please do not press the start button. To avoid triggering it by mistake. Please turn off the power switch on the panel after the work of this machine is finished.   . 
6. Equipped with fuse of 5A, can not be replaced by more than 5A insurance.   . 
7, there is high pressure, floor electrified, private maintenance is strictly prohibited to avoid personal electric shock.  . 
8. If bare conductor is found before use, it should stop using this machine and wait for maintenance before it can be used.   . 
9. Equipment transportation, storage and use should not be impacted, under heavy pressure or damp.   . 
10. When the products are checked out of the box, under the condition of normal transportation and good packing, if it is found that the parts of the products are not in conformity with the packing list, we should contact our company in a timely manner.

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