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MaYou Medical is a professional enterprise for R & D, production of medical packaging equipment, pharmaceutical packaging and sealing equipment and other products. The company has the top talents in the industry. With many years of experience and advanced technology in the same industry, the product and service concept has been highly recognized by customers all over the country, product development and market Development needs,Be willing to hire!!!


1、Mechanical Engineer:Two, bachelor degree or above, majored in mechanical engineering, 8000-12000¥.

2、Software Development Engineer:Two,Male, college degree or above, computer related major, JAVA, an Fu system is preferred.5000-8000¥

3、Sales Manager:Six,Male, college degree or above, professional unlimited, travel, base salary 3000¥and High Commission, high subsidy, travel reimbursement. 

4、Sell internal duty:One,Men and women are not restricted, college degree or above, professional is not restricted, require office software, salary 3600-6000¥ 

5、Electrical Engineer:Two,Male, college degree or above, working experience is preferred, mechanical and electrical related professional, salary 3600-6000¥ 

6、Website maintenance:One,have work experience,3600-6000 ¥ 

7、After-sale Engineer :Three,Male, professional, salary base salary 3000 ¥and travel allowance. 

All of the above probation period is 3 months, signed labor contract, unified payment of five risks, statutory holidays, annual holiday And half a year award And year-end award And work age wage And full attendance award And Lunch supplementation And travel plus physical examination。 

Interview Time:Every Wednesday, five on the morning 9:00—11: 30 

Add:No. 1 building, No. 18 hospital, Zibo science and Technology Industrial Park, Zhangdian Town, Zibo, Shandong 

Contacts:Mr Cao  Tel:18560727567

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