High-end Development of Medical Sealer in China


Since domestic enterprises started relatively late in the field of medical sealers, and there is a big gap between them in all aspects, domestic manufacturers have been unable to compete with developed countries in the catch-up phase. Not to mention the growing demand for high-end intelligent medical sealers. 

However, through the continuous efforts in recent years, domestic manufacturers have a certain technical and innovative strength, dare to develop more high-end products. But how can we move into the field of medical sealers with higher added value and better performance? The consciousness of independent innovation must be strengthened and the core technology in this field must be mastered completely. We should not only pay attention to the quantity of innovation but also to quality, but also to increase research and development efforts in the field of high-end products. With the continuous development of escape wind in recent years, the medical sealing machine has been developed from a single series to a variety of series and models, and the function has also developed from a single to a multi-functional high performance. With the continuous accumulation of technical support, Yifeng has developed a high-end intelligent model comparable to that of foreign manufacturers. 

Although in the medical sealer industry, domestic enterprises gradually catch up, but compared with foreign counterparts, there is still a certain gap, but the gap is not insurmountable, we can make use of the advantages of backwardness, on the basis of absorption and reference. We will vigorously develop high-end products in order to catch up with and surpass our foreign counterparts.

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