After-sales service undertaking


The company firmly implements the policy of "quality first, customer first", pursues the tenet of "honesty and trustworthiness", actively introduces advanced technology and equipment from home and abroad, increases investment in quality management, and strengthens staff's quality consciousness. Constantly improve product design quality, process quality and assembly quality, excellent performance, excellent quality, elaborate manufacturing, excellence, accelerate the improvement of the management level of the enterprise in the new form. To this end, our company to users to make the following comprehensive service commitments: 

I. Pre-sale services. 

According to the user's request, provide the product design and the consultation service, provides the most economical, the most reasonable, the most feasible plan for the user. 

II. Services on sale. 

1. Train the operation instructions, technology and business knowledge of the related products for the users, so that users can master the performance characteristics of the products before putting them into operation, and ensure the safety of the products into operation. 

2. To ensure that the performance parameters and quality of the delivered products are in accordance with applicable industry standards, national standards and the requirements stipulated in the contract. 

3. Ensure that the delivered products have passed the inspection before leaving the factory, and never leave the factory without inspection or inspection of unqualified products. 

4. To ensure that the specifications, labels and packaging labels of the delivered products are in accordance with the relevant regulations of the State. 

Three after-sale service. 

1. This company leaves the factory the product warranty period is one year, life-long maintenance. 

2. The company provides spare parts for the products out of the factory. During the warranty period, due to improper use of the products or other external causes caused by the failure, our company provides free maintenance, the materials and accessories used are only charged at cost. 

3. Follow up the products from our factory, and report and deal with any quality problems or adverse events in time according to the regulations. 

4. For users to provide long-term warm and thoughtful advisory services, there are questions must be answered, urgent response service. In the warranty period, the company provides users with free technical support and technical advice, free software upgrade services.

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