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Automatic detection of printing; 
Realization of sealing by Optical Control Technology. 
At 7 "color LCD touch screen, graphical operation interface, Chinese and English with symbol display, built-in clock and parameter setting, automatic storage function;" 
The sealing counter can realize the counting statistics of ascending and descending order within 0-9999. 
The function of adjusting printing margin, printing interval symbol and printing interval distance; 
Microcomputer intelligent temperature control, temperature deviation less than 1%, working humidity 60,220 ℃ arbitrary setting, preset 60 ℃, 120 ℃, 180 ℃, 220 ℃ four modes, convenient and rapid setting of the required temperature; 
Rapid heating design, room temperature rises to 180 ℃ less than 40 seconds, high efficiency and energy saving, to meet the needs of fast-paced work; 
Auxiliary cooling design, designed with temperature linkage exhaust cooling system, reduce the waiting time of temperature conversion from high temperature sealing to low temperature sealing; 
The floating constant-pressure pressing system is adopted to meet the sealing requirements of paper plastic bag, paper plastic solid bag and paper bag, and the sealing strength meets the requirements of YY / T 0698.5-2009 and GMP certification, and the seal strength can meet the requirements of YY / T 0698.5-2009 and GMP certification. 
Advanced flat heating element, can dry burn, high temperature resistance, long life, high thermal efficiency; 
Automatic energy-saving standby function, standby time adjustable, intelligent standby recovery, high-speed recovery of working temperature, can extend the service life of equipment, reduce energy consumption; 
When the sealing temperature exceeds the limit deviation of the set working temperature, the equipment will stop working automatically and give an alarm or prompt to ensure the sealing effect and the safety of the equipment. 
Seal detection mode, which can print sterilizing time, temperature, speed, pressure, sealing time, operator, equipment number and other parameters that need to be recorded, so as to be convenient for inspection and archiving, in which testing is carried out under this mode, and sterilization time, temperature, speed, pressure, sealing time, operator and equipment number are recorded. To meet the packet requirements of the health industry standards;


Printing functions of special symbols such as Chinese, English, numerals, and symbols (YY 0466-2003 Medicinal Acer used for labeling, marking, and providing information for medical devices), The printing requirements of sterilizing date, expiration date, sterilizing batch, operator, pot number, article name and so on required by the Ministry of Health can be realized. 
The contents of operator, article name, pot number, pot number and custom can be preset 12 items and stored for later change: 
The sterilizing date and invalidation period can be adjusted automatically according to the setting, and the monthly days need not be adjusted manually. 
Built-in printer, can set print items, adjust the print content; 
Fault automatic alarm indicator, can realize the automatic detection of the working process, the emergence of a variety of fault automatic alarm or prompt; 
The print font width can be adjusted to facilitate the printing of more content to a relatively narrow paper bag; 
The printing content of the paper bag is intelligently matched with the width of the paper bag, and the system will give the requirement of the width of the paper bag according to the selection of the printed content, assist the operator to determine the printed content or select the suitable paper bag, and report a reminder when the width of the paper bag is insufficient. 
The printing content can be customized according to the requirements of the use unit, such as: production date, expiration date, sterilization batch, product name, product batch number, specifications and models, etc. See print style;

The print function can be turned off or an entry can be closed as needed;


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