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Color 7 "touch screen display, touch button, humanized full Chinese operation interface;
It can transfer information between USB port and computer and print test report by special program (this function is optional);
★Microcomputer intelligent control, accurate detection, accurate control, sterilization methods and operator numbers can be selected according to the needs of the parameters;  

★It has its own printing system and a micro printer, which can print clearly the test results and print the test sheet of seal strength change after the test results are summed up. The printing content of the sample sheet is as follows: test time, execution standard, type of testing machine, manufacture of testing machine, test number, sterilization mode, test speed, sealing strength, test conclusion and inspector, etc., which are convenient for archiving for reference;

★The utility model is provided with a special sampling knife, an operation-grade blade, which is convenient for replacement and safe and quick for sampling.


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