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The sealing test bag is based on the requirement for the operation identification of the sealing equipment (0Q) in accordance with the requirements for the confirmation of the forming, sealing and assembly process of the second part of the ISO 11607-2:2006, to obtain evidence for the operation of the post installation equipment within the expected limit when the operation procedure is used, and to form the inspection of the document recording process at the same time. The test pattern is used to detect and record the performance parameters of the sealing equipment. The sealing effect and the sealing quality of the sealing equipment can be displayed intuitively, the seal defect is displayed prominently, and the seal machine's own running identification program is used to print the record, the sealing questions are found in time and the sealing parameters are adjusted in time to make it full. The normal sealing needs of the foot can ensure the sealing quality and archive as a verification or retroactive effect for the sealing effect of the batch seal.


Installation and identification of the sealing machine (IQ)
Installation verification means that the sealing performance of the sealing machine is verified before installation is completed.

★The sealing performance is related to the sealing temperature, sealing pressure or sealing speed. These parameters should be adjusted according to the sealing material to meet the needs of sealing quality.

★If the temperature, pressure and other parameters are deviated, they can be clearly displayed on the sealing test card.

According to the regulations of the second part of ISO-11607 on sealing quality, the following requirements should be met.

★Continuous seal width and complete seal;

★No channel or open seal;

★No perforation or tear;

★No material stratification or separation;

Operation identification of the sealing machine (0Q )

★Test whether the sealing line has a channel or an opening.

★Test whether the pressure is too high or too low.

★Whether the test seal is too high or too low.

★Test whether the seal is continuous or leak.



The sealing test bag is divided into two specifications: one is a paper plastic bag test bag for high-temperature sealing, and the other is a special strength test bag for low temperature sealing. The packaging bags with high temperature steam sterilization or ethylene oxide sterilization use the paper plastic bag test bag, and the cryogenic plasma sterilization bag uses the special strength test bag, and selects the suitable sealing test bag according to the material of the sealing bag.


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